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Kill The King

Ascend to the pinnacle of power in Kill The King a game where the crown weighs heavy with danger and deceit. In this realm, the king reigns supreme, his will unchallenged, his authority absolute. To dwell in luxury, to command life and death by mere decree—such is the monarch's prerogative. Yet, behind the opulent facade lies the perilous reality of royal life. The throne, a magnet for ambition, draws not only distant challengers but also the covetous eyes of those within the palace walls. Kin turns against kin, with even siblings ready to betray blood for the glittering promise of power. In this game of thrones, the line between ally and assassin blurs, as every hand extended in fealty hides a dagger's promise. Will you wear the crown and navigate the treacherous waters of royalty, or will you become the shadow that moves through the court, a Royal Assassin with eyes on the ultimate prize? The choice is yours: embrace the thrill of sovereign rule or the dark path of intrigue and murder. Press 'start' and carve your destiny in the annals of the kingdom!

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