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Lets Kill Evil Nun

Embark on a chilling journey to the heart of darkness in Lets Kill Evil Nun where the eerie silence of an abandoned asylum whispers of unsolved mysteries. Rumors swirl like the fog that shrouds this forsaken place, tales of the Evil Nun, a specter whose malevolence knows no bounds. Your mission: to delve into the depths of the unknown, collect 8 ancient crosses hidden within the crumbling walls, and uncover the truth behind her sinister presence. Armed only with your wits and the scarce weapons you gather along the way, navigate the maze of shadows and silence. But beware—the Evil Nun lurks in the darkness, guarding her secrets with a ferocity that could spell your doom. Will you unveil the mystery of her existence and escape her grasp, or will you become another lost soul in the annals of the asylum? The challenge awaits; dare to confront it and emerge from the shadows alive!

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