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Temple Battle Lightsaber

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Temple Battle Lightsaber
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Temple Battle Lightsaber

Prepare yourself for a riveting clash of champions alongside your esteemed comrade! Enter the fray with swords gleaming and beam swords aglow, poised for a battle that shall test your mettle. Engage in a fierce duel with your friend, where victory is bestowed upon the warrior who claims the most illustrious kills. As you step into the hallowed grounds of the temple, choose your allegiance to either the resplendent blue or fiery red team, each vying for supremacy in this epic confrontation. Navigate the treacherous terrain with caution, for a deadly tide of poisonous water steadily encroaches upon your domain, claiming all who dare to touch its lethal embrace. Beware the perilous descent of TNT from above, a harbinger of swift demise should it find its mark. Only through cunning survival and strategic elimination can you emerge triumphant in this thrilling contest of skill and valor.

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