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Paint over the lines

Paint over the lines invites you into a dynamic world where precision meets creativity in a thrilling arcade challenge. In this game, painting within the lines is just the beginning; you'll navigate through ever-evolving mazes where the runners and the geometry of the lines shift before your eyes. The task demands not just attention but a strategic mind to ensure every twist and turn is covered in vibrant hues.

Every runner in this game has a unique path to follow, each designated to bring color to the world with their specific shade. Your mission is to guide these diligent little painters, ensuring they cover every inch of their journey without a single collision. As you progress, the complexity unfolds with changing runners and paths that test your coordination and quick thinking.

Embark on Paint over the lines where each level is a canvas waiting for your master stroke. Will you rise to the occasion and transform these intricate patterns into a masterpiece of color coordination? Dive in and let the colors guide you to victory, painting a path to success in this captivatingly colorful adventure!

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